Purchase Information for Paperback and eBooks

Whether you live in the US or abroad, you should be able to purchase the paperback or the eBook. Please see below for relevant links directing you to online retailers.


US customers

To order from Amazon in the US, please click here.

To order from Barnes and Noble, please click here.

If you live in Austin, TX, get your paperback copy (click to watch video trailer) from


If you live everywhere else, please ask your local bookshop to order a copy
(ISBN 978-0-9831192-0-3).

International customers

Please use your local Amazon website to order a copy. The book is currently available via Amazon in Canada, the UK, and Continental Europe. Some Asian and Australian online retailers carry the book as well. 


To purchase the Amazon Kindle version, click here. Please note that you don't need to have the Kindle device. Amazon provides free Kindle apps for PC, IPad, etc. This is a great option for readers either in the US or abroad.

To purchase the Barnes & Noble NOOK version, click here. Please not that you don't need to have the NOOK device. Barnes & Noble provides a free Nook app for the PC and other devices. This option does not seem to be available for non-US customers


If you are a corporation, outplacement firm, college, university, charity, or any other organization interested in purchasing larger quantities of this book at a discount,
please send an email to bulksales@peithopublishing.com.


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