Endorsements for The Gift of Job Loss

“We are creatures of habit in all areas of life, including our relationship to work. Many behave like unconscious lemmings following the hordes in frenetic scrambling to get the next career gig. As I express in my book, "Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest", it takes courageous and contrarian thinking to create a career truly worth having. Michael Froehls is one of those contrarian thinkers. Everyone should give themselves the right to accept the true ‘gift’ that career transition is. Nothing happens by chance, and opportunity is always in front of us…even if it looks like NOT going to work in the moment so that we can accomplish our greater ‘work’ of living a fulfilled life. Read this book. Take it in.”

---Darrell W. Gurney, Founder of CareerGuy.com and author of the award-winning books Headhunters Revealed! and Never Apply for a Job Again

"An innovative, refreshing and unique exploration of what one should think about after job loss or a transition in employment. The U.S. remains at the top of the list regarding work ethic, clocking in the most hours than the majority of the global workforce regardless of the economic situation. What "The Gift of Job Loss" helps us discover, how rich our life could be if we stop to smell the roses, identify what is important in life outside of a paycheck and a 40 hour plus work week. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is currently employed or in transition."

--- Heather Ammons, Branch Manager - San Antonio, Appleone Employment Services

"A ray of light for those that have lost their jobs, Michael Froehls invites a refreshingly soulful perspective. Go out and live your life, claim your dreams, get to know yourself again; not the usual message found in a book dealing with job loss. His heartfelt insights are life changing. His advice practical, tangible. A must read for anyone in a place of transition, career or otherwise."

--- Bob Olmstead, Fonder of Rogue Sage and blog author of Practical Wisdom

"The Gift of Job Loss is a smart read for any mid-level employee or executive in transition...it provides a refreshing, reassuring, and well-researched assessment of how to approach and best utilize the downtime before one's next career commitment. Michael's tremendous professional track record with the most demanding companies lends wisdom and credibility to his career recommendations. This executive perspective, combined with the fun, warm, and inspiring personal stories and achievements that he shares from his own "time off," should provide a significant boost to the mental state of candidates when they need it most. As an executive search consultant, I firmly believe that there are tips in this book that will a) increase a reader's chances of receiving a job offer, b) improve the terms of the offer(s), and c) make the transition period rewarding and exciting enough to discuss for a lifetime."

--- Daniel R. Smith, Managing Director, Raines International Inc., New York

"What things in your life are truly important? With a moment’s reflection, most of us will have a list of relationships, dreams, and goals. One’s job might be on the list, but it would never be the only thing on the list. Nevertheless, most of us end up being so driven by the immediate demands of our jobs that we are never able to find time for those other important things. Michael’s book lays out a compelling case that an unexpected job loss can be a gift – if you leverage the opportunity to regain control of your list. Instead of rushing immediately back into the job search, Michael recommends a strategy of allocating a few months to rebalancing your life. While Michael’s starting point is the involuntary loss of a job, I feel that his approach has a broader application: in some cases, people with a seemingly “stable” job will want to seriously consider deliberately walking away from that job and executing Michael’s plan. In fact, I have made just such a career move in the last year. Michael’s book is an excellent read for anyone, not just for people facing a job loss."

--- David Hetherington, blog author of StepOffTheCliff , Austin

"When you love what you do, I am not sure it can still be called work. That's what I learned after a corporate layoff, which gave me time to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do next with my life and career. The hardest part of this transition was putting my own ego in check and giving myself permission to take a break and invest in me, the next owner of my business. The Gift of Job Loss gives you this permission and the tools you need to get the best ROI on the time you invest in Y O U. I would strongly recommend The Gift of Job Loss, both the book and experience."
---Nathan Green, President of campus2careers

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