Beyond the Book: Consultations and Seminars / Webinars

The loss of employment can be very unsettling. You should not worry too much, though. You had a job or several before. Why wouldn't you find one again? Remember that most people regret not what they have done but what they did not do when reaching the end of their lives. The hardest part for you might be to figure out what you want.

Friends, family, former colleagues, career coaches, and outplacement firms can be great resources. You should use their advice and support.  Getting a fresh perspective and advice from both people familiar with you and independent professionals should be very valuable to you. Just be aware that every person or institution has an own agenda that might not be yours.

One-on-one Consultations

If you enjoyed my book and would like to get personalized, independent, and holistic advice from me, I would be glad to offer some targeted one-on-one consultation. I am not a career coach or outplacement professional. I am a former global executive who can help you make strategic life choices covering both your career and your personal life. Ideally, you would talk to me when facing job loss right before you embark on your transition (and before you use outplacement or other more tactical career coaching services.) Alternatively, you should profit from a conversation with me if you are employed, but are unhappy or fear layoff in the future. My goal is to enable you to plan strategically for the long-term. My international background and experience might offer you a perspective very different from your typical career advice or recommendations from friends and family.

Consider a conversation with me a strategic dialogue that will involve all aspects of your life - professional and personal aspirations, your family and financial situation, location, education, real and perceived constraints, etc. We will look at the benefits, probabilities, and risks of various options you have in front of you. How would we do this? You would send me your three most pressing questions and concerns together with your CV / bio ahead of our Skype / phone conversation. We will then talk for about 90 minutes or longer, if needed. You will get independent advice. You will get new ideas. You will also get my honest view on your situation whether you like what you are going to hear or not. I have only your interest in mind, not that of your partner, company, friend, family, or colleague. We will also agree on a checkpoint in the future.

Please drop me an email at, if you are interested.

Seminars / Webinars
I am in the process of hosting a series of webinars for various audiences.

1) Here is the first one that I hosted for alumni of The University of Texas McCombs School of Business on August 18, 2011. You can listen to the webinar (55 minutes long) or just scroll through the slides (note: you need to click on the Listen Now! tab).

Turning Job Loss into Long-Term Happiness, Better Health, and a More Fulfilling Career

2) Here is my second webinar (75 minutes long) that I hosted on Oct 5, 2011 for

Using Your Time After Job Loss STRATEGICALLY