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I regularly post articles on career and business topics on my LinkedIn profile.

Here are guest blogs at various career sites: 

Overcoming the unemployed "stigma", MSN Careers

4 Strategic Ways to Turn Unemployment Into a Better Resume, AOL Jobs

From time to time, I also post brief career advice at Ezine Articles. Froehls, Ph.D.

Here are my articles so far:

9 Steps To Do When Fearing Job Loss

Coping With Job Loss - How To Adjust MentallyTo Your New Situation?

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Job Search After Job Loss

Employed? How You Can Prepare For Job Loss Years Ahead

My reviews of other books

I enjoy reviewing career, business, and travel books. I came across an array of great books every job seeker should have on her shelf. Check out all my book reviews at Amazon.