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The Gift of Job Loss - A Practical Guide to Realizing the Most Rewarding Time of Your Life

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First, the obvious question: Can job loss really be a gift? Believe it or not....many times it can!



The ugly truth about employment: Many people lose their job at least once during their long working life. You are not immune. A recession, a merger, an industry in decline, or problems with your boss - you can be the best performer but still be let go. And should we head back into a recession, your job might be on the line sooner than you think.

The biggest risk for you - the fear factor: If you are like most people, you apply immediately for the next job after losing one. It is like a reflex. You are afraid. You might make a bad career decision like taking the first available job available and even accepting a pay-cut. You could be miserable for years to come. Even worse, you might miss out on what could have been the most rewarding time of your life - a time for renewal, recreation, and long-term professional positioning.

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How to turn the lemon of lay-off into proverbial lemonade: The Gift of Job Loss is an inspirational, though utterly practical book - it shows you how to cope with job loss by using your time strategically before you start your job search.

Learn how to prepare for your time after lay-off - whether today you feel safely employed, see already the writing on the proverbial wall, or just have been let go. Read about 7 no-regret and 8 optional activities you should consider pursuing “between jobs”. Many of these activities you might have postponed for years due to hard work; and for some activities it might be "now or never". Pursuing these activities now should make you happier, healthier, and even turn you into a better job candidate.

I went through it like you: Unlike many career coaches who just talk about job loss and job search...I went through lay-off in a tough recession myself. The Gift of Job Loss is based on my personal experience and a no-nonsense risk-benefit business analysis, enriched by the lessons learned of others having gone through job loss, and the feedback from search firm and outplacement professionals. My goal is to help you make a decision that is right for you. You will learn how to conquer your initial emotion of anxiety, avoid common mistakes of job seekers, step back, reflect, set your own course of action, and realize strategic options hitherto unavailable to you.

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